Hi, here is Retr0! (Suppose to be a zero at the end). I am currently a grade 8 student in Shanghai, China.

I love working on

  • Pwn
  • NLP stuff
  • Music, I play a bit of guitar when I feel like it

This is my github page: https://github.com/DDizzzy79. Currently, I have two project working on:

  • Ret2GPT - ¬†Advanced AI-powered binary analysis tool leveraging OpenAI's LangChain technology, revolutionizing CTF Pwners' experience in binary file interpretation and vulnerability detection.
  • PwnBERT - A project based on Fine-tuned BERT to detect GLIBC vulnerabilities.

Both of them focus on the Application of Pwn on NLP, If you like both of them, I am sure You will enjoy them!

Get in touch

  • My e-mail: retr0@retr0.blog (its a zero of 0 for both retr0)
  • My discord: retr0#9179
  • My WeChat: Retr0429

I will be super glad to get in touch with you!